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A Letter from Irene ​

Congratulations, Bride and Groom to be!

You will have many decisions to make before your wedding, including your Bridal Registry. With most registries, you will go online or walk through a store with a scanner in hand. You will browse a small selection of linens, given no options for customization and no guidance from a specialist… and so you settle for what’s available.

At Linen Lady of LA, you’re given the personal touch from start to finish. You will meet one-on-one with me, your personal specialist in heirloom quality linens, to view and touch the variety of samples in linens, comforters, pillows, mattress pads, blankets and coverlets. During our time together, I will guide you through designing your very own voluptuous, romantic, inviting bedding… the kind only dreams are made of!  

I source the finest product in Italy, pair with the most luxurious Egyptian cotton and have up to 100 different colors for you to choose from. With finishes from classic hemstitch to a wide range of beautiful embroideries and coordinating thread colors… you’re bound to fall in love with the magic of textile. All done in the privacy of your own home.

Soon you can be enveloped in the heirloom linens you created and enjoy them for many years to come!

It is a privilege to do what I do- contact me today to begin our designing journey together.

    Irene Rodriguez

Your Linen Lady of LA

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